Monday, September 7, 2009

10 facts about me

Hello there. In this entry, I will share something about me that you might not know. There are nothing special about me. But, you might drop by to see whether we had the same interest or not. Hope you enjoy reading.

1) Love futsal
I like to play futsal more than football. It is a lot of differences between futsal and football. Football player doesn’t mean he can be well when playing futsal and same goes to futsal player. Nothing can stop me from playing futsal because it can throw away my entire problem and give me more motivation. Futsal is a part of my life. I always want to improve my ability to be a versatile player.

2) Shy person
I think all my friends know that I am a shy person especially in class. Actually I don’t have confident with myself. I always feel that there is something wrong inside and outside of me. Maybe I am lack with communication skill. It is important for me to overcome this problem because it can help me in interview for my future job. Usually this happen at class and other formal situation. I also behave like this in front of girl. (“,)

3) Be alone
Actually I am happy to have friends around me. It makes my life full of happiness. But I like to be alone when doing my assignment or study. I will take everything I need for my assignment and study and do it alone. That why I always stay up late at night to settle all the responsibility toward my study. I only can generate my brain during a peaceful time.

4) Impossible is nothing
Like Adidas slogan, this also is my motto. There is nothing that we can do in our life as long as we want it. If there is something I want to achieve, I will try to get it. But, there are many things in my life that I am not achieve yet. This is because I only follow my friend’s interest. After this I will make sure that I really interest in that thing before I try to achieve it. That why I put this as my motto. I want to create my own interest and achieve it. The example is like festal. I really like futsal and I will never stop playing futsal until I really can’t play it.

5) Never had cramped muscles before
I never had the experience of being hurt by cramped muscles. People don’t want to face the hurt, but I want to face it just for one time. This is because, I had never experience it in my life. Cramped muscles can attack anyone especially sports person. It happens when we had use our muscles so hard and later it became tide.

6) Liverpool fan
I started to love this club since they won their Champions League in season 2005-2006. They won that game by penalty after draw 3-3 with AC Milan. It was a fantastic game for Liverpool player. They were beat up in the first half with 3-0. But, they never give up before the referee blow his Wiesel. Their captain, Steven Gerrard had scored their first goal that would give an aspiration to his teammate. They got the other two goals a few minutes the time up. Lastly, they won the penalty after no goal from each team in the extra time.

7) Hamster
Small and cute. I have one pair of hamsters namely Chuta and Chichi. They are brown and white in color. My hamsters like to climb their cage. They are so funny while sleeping. They like to sleep in the food place. I love them so much because they can cheer up my life. I got them from my friend.

8) Prefer X-Fresh FM
Everyone needs music in their life. They are many music stations in Malaysia. Each music station plays different kind of music on their channel. For me, X-Fresh FM is the best music station. This music station has a lot of younger listener. They play kind of music that suitable with nowadays. I like their DJ style and the segments they create in this channel. It is quite funny.

9) Finish what I started
My mothers always teach me to finish up my meal. Now, I understand why I need to finish up with what I started. Usually, I will make sure that I finished up my works before I do anything else. I will not do my job half way. I’m a loser if I can’t finish it. Never surrender until the last effort.

10) Not a superhuman
If a boy and a girl become friends without any good reasons, one of them must had fall in love. It is true that love begin with friendship. But, if that friendship cannot be converting into love, they should not be friends anymore. One may be hurt if they continue their friendship. I will cry if that happen to me because I’m not a superhuman.

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