Sunday, August 16, 2009

The List of My Classmates

Hello readers,
In this entry, I will share a little bit about my perception towards my classmates. I will begin with the boys in BEL 311 class. They are all my classmates since I am in Semester 1 except Zulfadli.

1) Jabbar

He is a guy from Tangkak, Johor. He staying at college Sempana Riau which is same like me. His nickname is Kain but I usually call him Jabbar. He always went to class with Adib. I thinks he is hardworking man because he always finish any assignment giving to us early than the others.

2) Zulfadli
Simple. This is the best word to describe him. He just does whatever he wants to do without care about anything else. He also just wears anything as long as it looks simple. People call him Kochak. It sound quite funny but it makes him looks simple because he can accept people call him with that name. He likes to play futsal. I always see him when I played futsal at college. He is a skillful player.

3) Haris
I had see Haris face almost every day since in Semester 1 until now. His room is just in front of my room. Sometime, I call him Persie. But not Van Persie, a formal Dutch’s football player. It has the other meaning behind that name. He had helped me with my assignment a lot. We always late to class. Actually, I am the one who always late and he needs to wait for me. I guilty with him. Haris is also a cheerful guy. Sometime, he will look crazy when he became stress.

4) Me

5) Adib
Cool guy from Selayang, Selangor. I think he is the funniest and the slumber guys in our class. He just does what he needs to do without concern about other people. He know his weakness and try his best to face the weakness. He never feel shy to asking for the other help if he got problem with his study. He is good in playing sepak takraw. He can be seen playing sepak takraw in the evening.

6) Hakim
Class Rep for our BEL 311 class. He is the smartest guy in our class. He is very hardworking and he had a good memories. His attitudes are very good. He had a lot of commitment with his study, classmates and his IRAMA club. That make he became very successful every semester with a great CGPA. It is very hard to beat his pointer. I will try my best to beat him one day.

Next, I will write about girls in my class.

1) Izzaty

The most chubby girl in our class. She seems to be close with Lina, Sakinah and Yana. I want to classified four of them as Tulip Hitam Gang. I am never talking to her before. She always sit at the back of the class with her gang. I think she is a good follower because she always follow what ever her friends did.

2) Lina
The most cheerful guys in class. She always smile and that makes her cute. She is a kind, friendly, and caring person. It is nice to be friend with her because she always concern about other people rather than herself. I think she is also an independent girl because she is able to do whatever she wants to do by herself.

3) Sakinah
One of Tulip Hitam Gang’s member. She is the tallest between four of them. Same like Izzati, I never talk to her before. So, I don’t know much about her. What I know is that she always can be seen with her sidekicks.

4) Yana
The other Tulip Hitam Gang’s member. She is the cutest girl in our class. The most talkative person in class. Almost every day I can hear her voice asking question to our lecturers. Although she sit at the back of the class, I can see that she always at full concentration during classes.

5) Ayu
She seems to be close with Izati in class. I recognize Izati and her as Cempaka Gang. This is the first time they have been in this class. She always smile in class. Lately, I had found funny thing about her. It is easy for her to be shock when something appear suddenly.

6) Izati
The other Cempaka Gang. I never heard any single word come out from her mouth. Maybe because she is still new in our class. I don’t know what to write about her.

7) Fatimah
We usually call her Tim. She is a simple and smart girl. Although she is not a talkative person, but she is friendly with all her friends. She looks passive in class, but his ability should not be underestimated. Starting last semester, she is an Academic Exco of our Banking Society (DIBA).

8) Farawahida
People call her Fawa. Her picture looks like a Japanese girl. She is an independent person because it is ok for her to do anything by herself. I thought she is an arrogant person. But, I realized that my perception is totally wrong. She seems to be friendly with people.

9) Amira
She is a new member in our class. I don't know a lot about her. What I know is she came from Port Dickson, a lovely place to live. Although she is new here, she always sit beside Fawa and they look like a good friends. She is a pretty girl with good principle. She looks very concentrate in class.

10) Atiqah
Also a new member in our class. He had been transferred from UiTM Sarawak. She always come to class together with Tim. She is a very kind and a happy girl since she always smile to anyone. She is kind of Muslim's person. It will be to aware every time I looks at her appearance.


  1. I like the way you described your clasmates. I didn't know there are Flower Gangs in D3D1 ;)

  2. where do you get the name of the groups?
    so funny.. haha..
    thanks for the name of Tulip Hitam's Gang ok?

  3. cEmpaKa gAng .. ?? cmnE lEh t'lintAS nK bg nmE 2 eK .. ? hUhu papE pn xiExie ..