Thursday, October 29, 2009


Album Title: Abstract Authentic

Artist: Birin

1) Twinkle Away

This song is about a man who misses his girl who had leaved him alone for a while. He doesn’t want them to be separate anymore.

2) Jealousy

He feels that his life is empty when his saw his girl with another boy.

3) Boy and Girl

It’s about a boy and a girl who love each other. They look very perfect to be together.

4) Rock n Roll Night

A couple was having fun together at a party. The girl looks very pretty on that night.

5) Far Away

About a man life is full with sin. He wants to find out how he can be like that. He wants to do something meaningful in his life.

6) About Her

It is about a man who is very worry about his special one. Only hope that everything will be fine.

7) Be With You

When you are in love, you will only think to be with your love one that can cheer up your life.

8) Crazy Love

He feels very happy when the girl he loves also has the same feeling. He doesn’t care about other girl around him. Only think about his love one.

9) My Retro Dream

He was very happy to have the girl he loves. They have fun together. All his life is only for the girl. But, it was only a dream. He wants to prove to himself that he will try hard to get the girl in his dream.

10) No More

A man leaves his girl when she not appreciates what he had done for their love. That girl is too egoistic.

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