Sunday, August 2, 2009

Me, A Senior

Peace be upon you.

Thank you for willing to read my blog again. This time I will write about Being A Senior. Firstly I am so sorry for publishing this post quite late. This is because of a few problem that can’t be avoided. Let’s continue with my writing, all new students in boarding school, college and even university has bad expectation about senior that they will face after they have registered in the institution. Actually, not all senior have bad attitude. Only people without mature thinking care about seniority rather than harmonious environment, especially for university student.

Currently I am in my third semester in UiTM Segamat campus. This means my junior is Semester 1 and Semester 2 students. There are still 3 batches above my batch not including degree students. My room members consist of two junior which is semester 1 students. It is about 24 semester 1 students in my wing. So, this semester I will have 24 new friends in this campus. I had learnt a lot of things during the three semesters being a university student, especially being a resident of Sempana Riau College. One of the precious things that I learn is respect will only be given to those who care about friendship more than seniority.

Senior has the responsibility to lead their junior to handle their new life, and not to bully them. A good leader is the one who can make people trust and respect them. How to make people trust and respect us? Show good attitude, be humble, show loyalty, be kind and respect others. Then we will be trusted and respected. Honestly I don’t like places with too much seniority and discrimination. There is no need to differentiate between juniors and seniors. We will be respected by others if we respect them first without caring about their status as our juniors or seniors. Seniors usually want to be respected by their juniors. Same goes to me. But, using seniority can’t make juniors respect their seniors. Seniority will only make juniors hate their seniors. Who knows one day seniors will need their juniors’ help.

It doesn’t make any sense if juniors respect their seniors because of the seniority. It is better if they respect their senior because of their leadership and experience. For me, I like my senior who is friendly and can treat me like their own friend rather than senior who only think that they are the great and want their juniors to obey them. Actually there is no gap between juniors and seniors as long as they know how to respect each other as a human being. I don’t want my juniors to feel the gap between us. I will treat them as my friends as long as they do not take me for granted. It is easier for juniors to get close with seniors who treat them like a friend rather than treating them like a slave.

Last but not least, being a senior is not an easy thing. It doesn’t mean that we will be like a king and our juniors will follow us. Our juniors are also our friends. Friend doesn’t bully their own friend. Although they are our junior or senior, we still live and learn under the same roof. We need to create a harmonious environment so that we can live happily together. Thank you for reading.

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