Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Little Bit About My Roommates

Hello there,

It so nice that you willing to read the second collection of my story. In this second collection of my story, I will describe a little bit about my roommates. Maybe you know one of them, so you are pleased to keep reading.

As I already mention in my first story, I am one of Sempana Riau College's residents. My room number is SR 134 located in Wing 1B. This is my room since I am in first semester.
I love this room and the members of this wing so much. My first expression about the life in this campus is totally wrong. I thought that all my new members were so bored. The truth is they all were so cool. I learned a lot of new things from them. We always do anything together. Our wing were so united. We always do everything together. Playing futsal, watching movies, going to mosque, hang out together and many more.

Firstly I will introduce my first roommate. His name is Aizuddin Bin Nor (Mamat). Since Mamat and I were in the same room for three semester, I think that I had known him well. He is a student of Diploma in Business Study. He lives at Rawang, Selangor. Actually, he is son of my father's friend. But, we never know each other before. He has friends at MRSM KKB, my previous secondary school. So he already know some of my old friends there. He is a kind and a very helpful person. I can count on him to help me in anything. He is my first friend that I have at this Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Segamat Campus. I was so happy to have him as my roommate. This is because although we never met before, but we have the chemistry to be a good roommate to both of us.

About my second roommates, his name is Mohamad Ilham Bin Jamal (Paci). He is 18 years old and he is currently in a semester 1. He is student of Diploma in Computer Science. Paci is from Bukit Kepong, Segamat, Johor. After finish his Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), he was qualified for Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN), Chini Lake Resort. So, I thinks he had enough experience to absorb the new social environment at this campus. Paci is quite a talkative person. But the words that came out from his mouth was only good words. He also a generous person. He will share everything he have with us. That make me feel comfortable to have him in this room.

Lastly, I will introduce my last roommate. His name is Mohamad Hafiz Bin Mohd (Tesco). He is from Gelang Patah, Johor. Same like Paci, he also 18 years old and currently in semester 1. Here, at UiTM Segamat campus, he taking Diploma in Computer Science. Before entering this university, he also qualified for PLKN at Kem Desaru, Kota Tinggi, Johor. Different from Paci, he is a shy person. He only talk when someone ask him something. I don't know if he really that kind of person or because he still new here. Truly I can't live with this kind of person. It is about all the time he was not in the room. He only enter the room when it is time for him to sleep. He did not spend time together with us. I don 't know how to make our relationship as a roommate become better.

This is a little bit about my roommates. Having a good relationship with my roommates can give a peaceful and harmony environment in the room so that I am able to study or do anything in this room without any problem. Since this is my third semester, I don't want to futile my time here. I want to study hard in this room to improve my result. Last but not less, I love this room and all my roommates. Thank you.


  1. Your grammar somehow ruins this entry. Next time, have someone proofread your entry before you click 'Publish'.

  2. Oww..You have a really close relationship with your wing mate and your roommate, which is good for you in. Simple but nice